Bill Pratt  1944 to 2012

In memory of Bill Pratt
February 24, 1944 May 28, 2012

It’s worth mentioning that this is Bill's old Web Site that he designed many years ago to share his travel adventures with his buddies on their motorcycles. You’ll notice as you click on the links that he never finished the Asia tour. Bill’s many rides with his wonderful and dear friends were a work in progress.

We wanted to design this pictorial memorial of our brother Bill so that his friends and family would be able to experience, through photos and comments, his life history shown in approximately ten year stages. We have all contributed photos from our treasured libraries, which are kept by our sister Patricia. As children, we grew up with a tremendous love for each other, which has held us siblings close to each other through all of these years. Bill was a focal point of bringing us together, that strengthened the gift of love that each of us shares. There are no words to describe the loss of our brother Bill. This memorial will offer some consolation and peace, as Bill would have wanted, along with many smiles and laughter.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy these:

This second part of Bill’s memorial, was far more difficult than we anticipated. Bill saved many of his pictures onto slides, and into albums, but we were unable to find them. It was also difficult to try and place a date, and time, for many of the pictures that we had saved in our own collection of family photos. As we continue to add photos and videos to this memorial site, you will also see more of our family which will include grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, cousins, along with close relatives. The photos begin when Bill was still living at home, on Blix Street in Linda Vista, California. After high school graduation, Bill moved to Sacramento, CA to live with his sister Patricia and her husband Mike. Everyone in the Pratt family, at one time or another, lived with Pat and Mike. Mike was instrumental in Bill getting hired on at the state printing plant. He eventually was hired by the Motorola Corporation in the communication department (makes sense knowing Bill and his love to chat). Bill made many close friends, early on in his career, and one of them strongly advised him to enroll in the Dale Carnegie class, "How to Win Friends and Influence People". That was a life changing event for Bill and helped him immensely as he worked his way up the corporate ladder within Motorola. Bill was born with a natural charisma, humility, and ability to always see good in everyone that he met. It was no surprise to us, that Bill loved challenges and became one of Motorola’s most outstanding salesmen. We have many memories of our "gabby" brother from our childhood. His success in the world of sales, early in his life, included Fuller Brush, Vacuum Cleaners and Pots and Pans. He loved door-to-door sales and along with all of its natural challenges. Bill never did grasp the meaning of the word "no"!

When you click on the movie link, it will open a video that was taken in 1996 at Pat and Mike’s house in Rohnert Park, California. They were the hosts for one of our multitude of family reunions. The reunion was a great time and it is wonderful to revisit that time period of our lives. Bill was 52, in this video, and he was living in Seattle, WA and his Motorola office was located in Bellevue, WA. Before Bill left us on May 28, 2012; he was working on yet another family reunion. His intentions were that all of us get together in San Diego, CA in October 2012, and we were then going to revisit all of our favorite childhood places that included a tour of our home on Villa Terrace. Together as family we hope that you enjoy the part two Memorial.

Memorial Part 3
To all of Bill’s family, and friends, this is the final section of his memorial. To be honest with you, I did not have the emotional energy that would enable me to bring closure to this memorial in a way that I believed would bring a fitting tribute to Bill, while allowing his family to share our years of being together. In a way this is a good thing because it shows that we can’t live in the past, anymore. That doesn’t mean that the secrets that we shared with Bill or the stupid jokes that he always told, or just simply going to Fry’s together, are gone. They’ve just been replaced with the history of Bill simply making each one of us better human beings, than we were before. As my wife Rebecca pointed out to me, “There’s your tribute, dummy”. So, when we go through the photos and videos one can’t help but say that Bill left quite a legacy for each one of us, in his own special way. We can’t replace the emptiness of his absence, nor hear the laughter that was boisterously exuberant, but we as family truly hope that Bill’s memorial was special to each one of you. We also hope that you found peace and understanding and have been able to let go of the anger and hurt that occurred from the unexpected departure, when Bill left us. God bless all of you.

A Trip Report: KLR 650, Tucson, AZ to Mill Creek, WA 2/28/2000

Pat Pratt Mortell, Rita Pratt Minard, John & Rebecca Pratt, All of Bill’s family.

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